7 Reasons To Do Breathing Exercises At Night
If you are trying to create a healthier tomorrow, start preparing for better sleep the night before.

The quality of our sleep is a major contributor to our physical and mental health. According to the American Sleep Association, 30% of people in the US report short term insomnia and 10% deal with chronic insomnia. Without enough rest, daily tasks are more difficult to complete.

Lack of quality sleep can also hinder our motivation to make healthy lifestyle choices. Who can think about increasing their activity and eating healthy when they are running on empty?

When you’re tired, do you ever feel any of the following?

☁️ Increased anxiety
☁️ Irritability
☁️ Fatigue
☁️ Difficulty concentrating
☁️ Low energy
☁️ Poor work performance

There’s no better time than tonight to start a practice that can improve your sleep. EasyWellness breathing exercises can help you get into a better sleeping routine so that you are well rested and can stop putting healthy habits on the back burner. The EasyWellness “Relax” series of breathing exercises is aimed towards helping you create a night time routine that will help you manage night time anxiety and prepare the body for rest.

Here are 7 reasons to do breathing exercises at night to improve your quality of sleep:

  1. Better focus in the daytime

  2. Improved energy and motivation

  3. Weight management

  4. Boosted reproduction of the cells involved in brain and muscle repair

  5. Improved mood

  6. Better athletic performance

  7. Cardiovascular health

Once you have completed your breathing exercises, it’s time to put down your electronics to avoid blue light which can wake you up. Have a good night’s sleep.

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Important: We always recommend speaking with your medical providers about difficulty sleeping and checking in with them to make sure breathing exercises are safe for you.