At EasyWellness, all movement is good movement.
Today, EasyWellness is launching “Step Counter,” a feature specially built for no-pressure step tracking.

Almost all of us have heard a friend joyously exclaim, “I hit my 10,000 steps!” But have you ever had a daily 10,000 step goal? Let’s be real: if you work at a desk and don’t walk to school or your job, it can be a tough goal to hit. No one enjoys walking aimlessly around the house trying to get their steps in at the end of a long day. Self sabotage can also occur when we feel disappointed if we don’t hit 10,000 steps on a particular day.

Enter the EasyWellness Step Counter. EasyWellness calculates your average daily step count and sets a daily step goal for you. From there you can:
1) track your steps throughout the day,
2) schedule walks and track your steps on “live” timed walks, and
3) increase your daily goals manually.

The “Track My Walk” live step counter helps users understand how many steps they can attribute to a particular amount of time or activity and best determine how to reach their goal regularly. The most important part of Steps is this: all movement is good movement. Walking is awesome because it’s low impact. Even more, you can move your body at your own pace.

A few tips to get more steps into your day:
1) Park a little further away than your destination.
2) Take the stairs.
3) Add a walk after lunch.
4) Slowly increase your daily steps, adding a few hundred to your goal every week.
5) Schedule weekly or bi-weekly walks with a friend.
6) See if there are any errands that can be done on foot rather than by car.

If you want to start increasing your daily steps and get all the benefits of adding more movement to your day, download EasyWellness in the App Store!