Avocado and Eggs on Toast
A No Hassle, Healthy Breakfast

Almost everyone loves avocado toast but for those with a bigger appetite in the morning, simple avocado and bread is more like a snack or light meal. We want to feel satisfied in the morning before we begin our day. As a breakfast option, adding a hard or soft boiled egg on top brings in some protein and will make this breakfast more satiating.

It’s also important to make sure to get a balance of vegetables, fruits, carbs and proteins in as many meals as possible. Here are a few more things you can include with your avocado and eggs on toast to jazz it up and get even more nutrients in your meal.

  • Add some greens: Arugula or spinach

  • Get more protein: Hummus spread or drizzle some pine nuts like in the photo above

  • Add some sprouts

  • Top it with smoked salmon or tuna

  • Mix it up with sauteed mushrooms

  • Have some fun by adding slices of nori (seaweed)

  • If you want to try an alternative to white bread, try: sprouted whole grain, sourdough and sprouted rye. Dave’s Killer Bread also has some great options and can be found at most grocery stores.

Plus! Here’s a tip for busy mornings: Prepare the hard boiled egg the night before and refrigerate overnight.