Enjoy bedtime: Enhance your night routine
Let go of night time anxiety and create a calming experience.

After a few nights of struggling to fall asleep, the idea of getting in bed only to marinate in stressful thoughts, doesn’t exactly promote rest and relaxation. In order to break the cycle, here are some tips for creating a night routine that you can look forward to:

  1. Prepare for tomorrow:

Preparing for tomorrow looks a little different for everyone. If you are someone who frets over all the tasks they have to get done over the next few days, create a list or calendar. Getting everything down on paper often makes it easier for us to let go of the anxiety that comes with juggling a to-do list in our heads. 

Preparation might be some light clean up such as doing the dishes. For others, it might be setting out your clothes or getting the coffee machine set up for the next day.

The point here is to organize yourself for a few minutes tonight so that tomorrow goes a little bit smoother. Think of it as a gift to your future self.

2. Getting “ready” for bed: 

What do you normally do to get ready for bed? Do you forget to wash your face and brush your teeth? Do you zonk out before putting on pajamas? Having a step-by-step process before getting into bed will help you start relaxing. Besides the basics listed above, some people enjoy applying skincare or washing/soaking their feet and ankles. 

3. Think comforting thoughts:

It may sound silly but it works! We allow ourselves to worry and be self-critical all day long. Even our minds deserve a break. It takes discipline but you’ll used to it faster than you think. Before bed is a great time to start getting into “your happy place,” whatever that may mean to you. It also means saying kind words to yourself. Whenever a negative or stressful thought starts to make it’s way in, simple tell yourself, “I can think about that tomorrow. Right now, it’s me time.”

4. Set a vibe:

Another simple way to enhance your routine to promote better sleep is by creating an ambiance that helps you relax. You can set up an essential oil diffuser, a white noise machine or bring the room down to a cool but not cold temperature. Some people enjoy listening to brown noise, which is similar to white noise with high frequencies removed. Whatever you choose, remember that you deserve to be pampered.

5. Have clean bedding and turn down the sheets:

You may not be conscious of it but having fresh, clean bedding immediately sets off relaxation for bedtime. Turning down bedding increases airflow within the sheets for the days in between changing the sheets. Try it and see if it improves your sleeping conditions.

6. Breathing exercises:

Of course, our go-to tip for improving sleep is breathing exercises. EasyWellness offers two excellent breathing exercises that can be used at night: Sweet Dreams and Calm Down. These breathing exercises were designed to help calm an overactive mind, as well as soothe tense muscles and the nervous system.

Breathing exercises should be the last thing you do at night. After that, it’s time to turn off your phone and have ☁️ sweet dreams ☁️.