Five motivational affirmations to get you through this week.
When it comes to hitting your wellness goals, sometimes you need a little inspiration to get you through.

Let’s start this week with an affirmation for each day to set us on the right track. You can also come up with your own affirmations that feel right for you at this time. If you need a little help, try these:

🌼 Monday
“I am grateful for my body.”
Too often, we approach new, healthy habits through negative motivators: “I am not healthy enough,” “My body isn’t good enough,” “I am need to be more disciplined.” For today’s affirmation, let’s let all of that go and just focus on gratitude for what we do have.

🌸 Tuesday
“I can trust myself.”
If you have been on through the cycle of starting and stopping diet and workout programs, this one is for you. Often times, we want to make a change so badly that we over-promise and then fall short. That damages our self esteem and trust in what we can accomplish. Today, let’s set an affirmation that aims to repair this relationship with ourselves and start working on making promises that we can keep.

🌳 Wednesday
“I am restored when I take care of myself. ”
It’s half way through the week and that’s usually when it’s easiest to let habits fall by the wayside. This affirmation serves to remind you that healthy habits and self care are not a chore, but rather a way to restore your mental and physical energy.

🌻 Thursday
“I am thriving.”
Health and wellness is not a destination, it’s a personal journey that looks different for each and every one of us. Today is a great day to recognize that you are thriving and to let yourself have that designation. because you are taking a step forward on that journey each day.

🦋 Friday
“I am proud of myself.”
Listen, you made it through the week and that is something to be proud of. Give yourself a pat on the back and complete your EasyWellness goals with the understanding that you are making progress.