Get out of that funk with EasyWellness.
When life starts to feel overwhelming, healthy habits can help keep you afloat.

We all go through periods of life where we let anxiety, self doubt and insecurity get the best of us. Whether it has to do with… 

  • uncertainty about the future

  • feeling unsatisfied with the present

  • a difficult life transition

  • career roadblocks 

  • challenges in relationships

  • changes in health 

..overwhelming negative feelings are often brought on by fear and loss of control. 

When life feels chaotic, you can count on EasyWellness to be an anchor to a balanced lifestyle that will get you through it. ✨ 

Hitting your healthy habit goals is something you can control, a positive behavior that can help with mindset, when it can be tempting to fall into less-than-beneficial behaviors.

Schedule reminders to focus on things that bring you joy: taking a walk, doing a stretch, putting aside a few minutes to breathe. The fundamental habits from EasyWellness will be there for your mental and physical health.

You don’t have to go to the extreme when you aren’t feeling your best, just put in a few minutes. 

➡️ Need help? Set your EasyWellness reminders to this sample 5-day schedule when you need a balanced routine:

☀️ Morning: Morning Stretch: 30 sec/stretch
🌼 Afternoon: Walk: 10–20 minute minimum

☀️ Morning: Lung Health I Breathing Exercise: 6 cycles
🌼 Afternoon: 5 Minute Stretch: 30 sec/stretch

☀️ Morning: Yoga Lovers Stretch: 40 sec/stretch
🌼 Afternoon: Walk: 10–20 minute minimum
🌙 Night: Sweet Dreams Breathing Exercise: 8 cycles

☀️ Morning: Box Breathing Exercise: 6 cycles
🌼 Afternoon: Walk: 30 minutes

☀️ Morning: Walk: 10–20 minute minimum
🌙 Night: Night Stretch: 30 sec/stretch

Minimum 5 glasses of water