Simplifying Resonant Breathing
A look into the breathing exercise that is scientifically proven to reduce anxiety

This week, Breethr is releasing an exciting new breathing exercise to combat anxiety and its effects: Resonant Breathing. This Premium Breethr is also a “guided breathing exercise” — with enhanced audio instructions which mimic the experience of a personal breathing instructor.

What is Resonant Breathing and how does it work?
Resonant Breathing is the practice of slowing down one’s rate of breathing to about six breaths per minute. The average rate at which humans breathe is between 12–20 breaths per minute. By breathing at six breaths per minute, one naturally increases the time between heartbeats. This can lead to what studies have called “Respiratory Coupling,” in which a person’s heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory system sync up and can positively impact the body. This space between heartbeats is called Heart Rate Variation, or HRV.

When we increase our HRV, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated. For those who run on chronic stress and are feeling the array of physical and mental consequences of an overactive sympathetic nervous system, Resonant Breathing can be a game changer. Resonant Breathing can help relieve stress and many of its symptoms: difficulty focusing, muscle tension, trouble sleeping and headaches.

When you deliberately slow your rate of breathing, you naturally increase the amount of time between your heartbeats, which research is showing can help your body in some powerful ways.

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