Track your progress as you build healthy habits.
How understanding your progress can help you achieve your wellness goals.

Your favorite healthy habit app, EasyWellness, has launched a new feature to help users stay on their wellness journey: Insights!

Insights is a comprehensive break down of your overall wellness activity. It also gives more detailed break downs for the Wellness Pillars of your choice: stretching, breathing, hydration and movement. You can see how many stretching and breathing sessions you’ve completed, how many miles you’ve walked or steps you’ve taken. You can also measure your water intake. Insights help you monitor your progress with easy-to-read charts, performance data and tips for improvement. You’ll be able to compare your activity to the previous week or month and identify when you struggle to reach your goals.

Streaks have also been enhanced so you can see your current vs. your best streak. Meet your daily goals and try to surpass your best streak, one day at a time.

Enhanced Insights available for EasyWellness Premium users. Try a 7-day free trial of Premium when you download EasyWellness in the App Store.