Which is better: static or dynamic stretching?
Different stretching techniques explained.

When discussing the benefits of stretching and getting the most out of an specific stretch, it is important to understand how stretching works. A proper stretch moves the two ends of the muscle away from one another. To lengthen a muscle in this way, one must put some kind of force on that muscle. This can include body weight, a yoga strap, gravity, a stretching buddy, or momentum from movement.

Our muscles can become tight due to:
👉 Injury
👉 Too much time sitting or in a single position
👉 Poor posture
👉 Repeated stress on our bodies.

When our muscles become tight, our flexibility and range of motion become restricted. Static stretching and dynamic stretching are two ways to help our muscles work optimally.

Static Stretching

This form of stretching is mostly known for increasing flexibility. In order to do a static stretch correctly, one must hold a stretch only to the point where there is very mild discomfort, without going too far. Stretching too deeply can lead to serious injury. On the EasyWellness app, you can choose how long to hold your stretches. We recommend between 30–60 seconds each.

Examples of static stretches include: Piriformis Stretch and Forward Fold.

Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic stretches are performed by moving your joints through a particular range of motion at a controlled pace. Incorporating dynamic stretches into your regular routine will help prepare your body for the day or for more rigorous exercise. To properly perform dynamic stretches, you will want to complete each motion slowly in one direction and then again in the opposite direction (example: backwards and forwards or left and right).

Examples of dynamic stretches include: Arm Circles and Hoola Hoop Trunk Circles.

EasyWellness programs use a combination of static and dynamic stretches so that you can keep your body feeling as good as possible. Depending on your lifestyle and goals, you may want to do one type more than the other but a combination of the two will produce the best short and long term results.

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