Widgets Are Here
Keep up your breathing practice, right from your Home Page

We are excited to announce that Breethr is now supporting widgets in our newest update. These widgets make it easier than ever to stay mindful.

A quick overview:
💨 The smaller, square widget recommends breathing exercises based on the time of day.
💨 The larger, rectangular widget will display your Top 4 breathing exercises or, for newcomers, our Top 4 recommended Breethrs.

Ready to add a widget?
✔️ Tap and hold anywhere on your Home Screen.
✔️ Tap “+” button on the top left.
✔️ Scroll down and tap Breethr. Then add a widget. Easy!

That’s not all…

Breethr is also now available for iPad. If you prefer following our visual guidance features, this is for you.

What’s next:

This is a small, but fun, update! In a few weeks, we will have some brand new Breethrs 🙊 and can’t wait to share.Until then, we wish you well!

Breethr is available for download in the App Store.

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